Creative Direction

As a creative director, I can bring big ideas to the table or help bring yours to life. I have hands-on experience with all the most common forms of media – as well as some that aren’t so common – thanks to 15 years of agency work. This range of experience allows me to see creative projects through from ideation to completion.

  • audio

  • video

  • Social Media

  • product development

  • web Development

  • design

  • illustration

  • marketing

Graphic Design

The mainstay of most of the services I provide. I have experience in designing for virtually any medium: apparel, hard goods, signage, print, packaging, and more.

  • Graphic design

  • Apparel Design

  • Illustration

  • Infographics

  • Technical Illustration

  • Display & Environmental Design

  • Label & Package design

Web & Ecommerce

I have experience working with several of the most popular website and ecommerce platforms. I can code a website if necessary, although most sites now run on content management systems like Wordpress.

  • Front-end web design and content management

    • Wordpress

    • Shopify

    • Squarespace

    • wix

  • Ecommerce Management

    • Shopify

    • woocommerce

    • amazon


Though logos are the tip of the spear when it comes to branding, far more goes into an identity project than designing the logo itself.

Identity projects are among my favorite things to work on. I always begin with a 15-item questionnaire that I’ve carefully crafted through years of brand development.

  • Logo design

  • brand development

  • identity & Style Guidelines

  • Brand management


From strategy to execution, I’ve got your marketing needs covered.

  • strategy development

  • Social media Marketing

  • Email advertising

  • Ad specialties & promotional products

  • ecommerce marketing

  • Pitch Decks

  • marketing decks